[WL] Gamers

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[WL] Gamers

Postby vanzylwilla » Fri May 08, 2015 3:51 pm

As a clan with a history the White Light Gamers decided to move to mweb as here is a lot of potential with loads of games.

Started off as two friends, now has a larger amount of friends, the WL clan is making their way up the ladder through the Gmz servers.
Mostly in survival games such as Unturned and 7Days to die, we are well on our way in making our names known.
Focused highly on pvp, and taking out any possible competition, the WL clan has allies and friendlies throughout the realms, and tends to show mercy often.
However, clans or players giving us grief head on will feel it, as there will be planned assaults either on them, or where it hurts most, their HQ.

This clan has gotten the reputation as a bandit clan, and makes sure everyone knows that nothing and no-one will stand between them and their objectives.

This clan is restricted to personal friends only, which is why the clan has a high value of trust and coordination, due to all the clan members being friends, and knowing how each thinks, and their roles assigned with their personalities.

The WL clan is here to stay, and is determined to climb the ladders.


[WL] Clan Vice President.
"Prepare for unforeseen consequences."
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Re: [WL] Gamers

Postby Matzi » Wed Mar 15, 2017 7:51 pm

A strong and well rounded clan if I have ever seen one :)
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