How to Create a Team

How to Create a Team

Postby Holden ZA » Thu Jan 17, 2013 6:28 pm

If your having trouble creating a Team then your in the right place.
This guide will show you exactly how to create a team.

Go to:

Next step is to Register, once registering the following will apply to creating a team.
*if you are having trouble registering please go here.

First off you will need a reason to have a team, either for a Tournament or for a Ladder.
So lets get started.

1)On the home page there are several ways to enter into a ladder/tournament but the easiest is by clicking on the tab indicated below.


2)Then decide which ladder you would like to join and hit the join button.

3) Hit the create a new team button

4) Here you will choose your team name, clan tag and time zone. There are also added optional extras to make your clag tag stand out.
NB: Make sure you set a time zone for your team otherwise your team will not be able to challenge opponents. The recommended option is Johannesburg

5) Here you will return to the Team page use the drop down to select your team.
Then choose a team name for the ladder and hit the "Join Ladder" Button

6) Once you hit the "Join Ladder" button you will be taken to the ladder. Here you will see your team entered into the ladder. You should also note that a new team will be created on your home page (indicated in blue).

You have successfully created a team.
If you are struggling to invite members to your team, please click here.

For any questions, comments or suggestions please post here.
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