Grumpycraft - modded Minecraft Servers

Grumpycraft - modded Minecraft Servers

Postby badfood » Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:00 pm

So, im my search for local, modded, servers, I have instead found US hosted modded minecraft servers with acceptabe latency:

Visit to see which mod packs they have on offer, or just connect - with a modded MC 1.7.10 - to "" - which acts as a lobby that you can jump to any of the other servers from.

FTB Infinity Evolved, Infinity Skyblock, Project Orion, Simply Magic, Sky Factory, Regrowth and other popular modpacks are all supported - with chat shared across all the server instances so there is a good sense of community even if you are on one of the less popular modpacks.

The servers - craftbukkit based - run the griefpreventionplus or IslandWorlds grief prevention plugins so your builds and chest contents are safe - chat is filtered and moderators are on hand to ban trouble makers so the servers are about as kid safe as you can get on the internet.

They allow unrestricted play for free, but are funded via donations: Donators get the ability to chunkload while online and offline, and some extra chat commands that ease moving about: so really optional if you are playing casually.
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Re: Grumpycraft - modded Minecraft Servers

Postby GreenZombie76 » Wed Sep 28, 2016 12:04 pm

Anybody else with server suggestions?
You can find me on the Simply Magic server as GreenZombie76
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